XI. International Conference on Permafrost
20 - 24 June 2016, Potsdam, Germany
XI. International Conference on Permafrost
20 - 24 June 2016, Potsdam, Germany
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Key dates
  • Early Bird Registration
    Closes 11 March 2016
  • Hotel room reservation
    11 March 2016
  • Release of Provisional Program
    15 April 2016
  • Final Payment deadline
    31 May 2016

Green commitment


As you will see during your stay in Potsdam, several actions have been taken to reduce the environmental footprint of the conference.

Green Initiatives


There are direct flights to Berlin (and hence to Potsdam) from most major european cities and connections from the rest of the world through Frankfurt or Munich. Potsdam and Berlin are also easily accessed by train and inter-city buses from virtually anywhere in Europe – an excellent alternative to air travel. The central train and bus stations are located in the heart of Berlin, and connect to Potsdam via the Berlin transit system (BVG).

The conference centre is connected to the public transit system of Berlin and Potsdam, including the tramways and bus networks. Day passes will be provided to the conference participants, possibly against a feww.

If the weather is nice, the hotel also makes bikes available


The Kongresshotel is striving to organize green conferences. Its green reputation is based on the environmental practices that have been integrated throughout the facility, from natural lighting to reducing water and energy consumption, cleaning with environmental products and using green building materials. Most participants will be staying at the hotel overnight and will reduce the amount of travelling to the conference center.

Food Services

Preference will be given to local and bulk products. Delegates are encouraged to use the glasses provided or bring their own reusable bottles. Containers used in the lunch boxes are made of compostable materials. You will be asked to deposit them in the compost bins.

Waste Management

Recycling stations and composting bin will be available on the conference site.


Preference will be given to environmentally responsible products made from recycled and recyclable materials. Wherever possible, local suppliers will be given preference.


Environmental practices will be encouraged among participants, partners and the media. Registration and most communication will be done online. Required quantities of key documents will be printed double-sided on recycled paper. The conference program and the book of extended abstracts will be available online and only a small size program will be printed.

Thank you for your support on this green commitment!!

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