XI. International Conference on Permafrost
20 - 24 June 2016, Potsdam, Germany
XI. International Conference on Permafrost
20 - 24 June 2016, Potsdam, Germany
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    11 March 2016
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    15 April 2016
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    31 May 2016

REKLIM-DEKRA Social Media Project

REKLIM (Helmholtz Climate Initiative Regional Climate Change) particular focuses on knowledge transfer and dialogue processes between science and society, which is an increasingly important aspect of modern science. To achieve this goal a range of activities was established that are adapted to the needs and requirements of the various target groups as well as to the according scientific basis involved. Particular emphasis is placed on the joint development and implementation of ideas between science and society.

In this context REKLIM set up a student project for the ICOP conference with the DEKRA University of Applied Science Berlin. The aim of the student project is to write and produce stories that capture the attention of their generation for the conference themes. Their contribution should not to be seen as part of the official coverage for the press, rather as an interactive format that accompanies the conference in an innovative way. The young students like to reach their own generation with their language.  

Their contribution to the ICOP conference is realized with a video and journalist team under the lead of specialists in the field and the REKLIM coordinators. Both teams are following topic trails and producing stories, videos and interviews to catch the attention of their generation. For all participating students it is a wonderful opportunity to gather hands-on working experience in a special environment and to experiment with their talents.

If you want to follow and track the blog, please go to:


If you want to see the daily overviews on film "Best of the Day" as well as the "Best of the Conference", please go to: http://icop.webflow.io/media/conference-videos.

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